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Think not-thinking. How do you do that? Beyond thinking.

In his essay, Fukanzazengi (Recommending Zazen to all People), our 13th century Japanese ancestor, Eihei Dogen instructs us in this way: Once you have adjusted your posture, settle into a steady, immovable sitting position. Think of not-thinking. How do you think of not-thinking? Beyond Thinking. This in itself is the essential art of zazen. This …

Steamy Summer Morning

Steamy summer morning gives birth to a blue-white rain. First hard, then soft. 3 days to anticipate a break. 3 days to meditate and wait. 3 ways to love the rain: Read a book, wash some clothes, take a nap. Wait and see that inevitably the guitar strums as the dryer hums. In reality, no …

Curious Crow

They say it killed the cat. This crow looks alive and well. Though bound by two dimensions, seems eye and beak can smell what’s cooking in my kitchen. This pet hangs on the wall. No cage to clean, no walks to take, My favorite of them all. (Art by Adam Wells)

Three Pages More

Three pages more a funny fear of no room to store thoughts, words, feelings on paper of my choosing. What’s a world where trees weep, “Don’t kill me! My roots are pleading!” If you must write a word, create a record to be remembered, oral histories are best told by elephants at rest.

This Body

This body a case for contents large and small, mushy and hard, gooey and lovely. This mind free of walls no bounds no fences of metal or glass. Any and all allowed to enter and go like. . . . You please insert a line.

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