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At Zen and the Arts, we are committed to bringing together meditation and the creative arts, and offering them whole-heartedly to the Southwest Florida community and beyond. In the long history of Zen Buddhism, art has always been viewed as a practice path; another Dharma gate into understanding and expressing our deepest selves. We offer a variety of meditation and art classes to suit any level of experience. All are invited to meditate and create with us. Come experience for yourself the benefits to be found in stillness and free expression!

Please click this link for our schedule along with links to join in. https://zenartsflorida.com/schedule/weekly-meditation-offerings/


Zen Practice

Bodhidharma, the 6th century founder of Zen described the practice in these words:
“A special transmission outside the scriptures, not founded upon words and letters; By pointing directly to mind,
it lets one see into one’s own true nature and thus attain Buddhahood.”

The heart of our practice is zazen (seated meditation). We offer support and teachings for those in all stages of their spiritual practice. We invite you to attend a group meditation, or contact Sensei Laurie for more information.

Art Practice

We view any form of artistic expression as an opportunity to awaken the mind and heart. At Zen & the Arts, we focus on three mediums: The visual arts of drawing and painting, music, and creative writing (mainly poetry and journaling). We offer many opportunities to explore and learn how art and zazen can function together in your life.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, meaning yogic sleep, is a form of guided meditation practiced lying down. This practice is designed to induce and prolong the state between wakefulness and sleep, a state of mind and body that is deeply relaxed and typically includes a lot of healing. Unlike Zen practice, Yoga Nidra requires no effort of concentration. The practitioner is simply guided by the teacher into deep meditation, leaving refreshed and restored. It is gaining popularity all over the world, and ongoing research continues to prove its effectiveness. Absolutely anyone can practice Yoga Nidra, but it is particularly helpful for people suffering from sleep deprivation, stress or anxiety. If you have tried to meditate unsuccessfully on your own, this could be the practice for you. Click this link to see Yoga Nidra on our weekly schedule. https://zenartsflorida.com/schedule/weekly-meditation-offerings/

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