Ceremony Officiating

Sensei Laurie Lyons is an Ordained Minister through American Marriage Ministries, authorized to officiate a variety of ceremonies including weddings, funerals, commitment ceremonies, baby blessings, home blessings, and more. She will work with you to create a customized ceremony that is aligned with your values and vision.

If you’re drawn to Eastern spiritual traditions, or identify as spiritual but not religious, or consider yourself agnostic, Laurie might be a perfect fit for your needs. (Pictured right: Laurie officiating a wedding ceremony in Sarasota, FL. Photo by CG4Photography.)

Fees for ceremonial services range from $100-500 depending upon your needs and how much planning is required. To learn more about American Marriage Ministries, the organization that ordained Sensei Laurie, click here. https://theamm.org/about

To connect with us about your ceremony, contact us here: https://zenartsflorida.com/contact/