Inclusion Statement

At Zen & the Arts, we are fully committed to diversity in all of its forms. We view inclusion as central to our values, and are guided by the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts. (See below.) We vow to raise awareness and practice wholeheartedly with people of all genders, racial/ethnic backgrounds, religious and political views, sexual orientation, physical or mental able-ness and ages.  We strive to build a community that welcomes and honors all people, and that provides equal opportunity in learning and practice.

The 16 Bodhisattva Vows

The Three Treasures

  1. I take refuge in Buddha, in oneness, the awakened nature of all beings.
  2. I take refuge in Dharma, in Diversity, the ocean of wisdom and compassion.
  3. I take refuge in Sangha, in Harmony, the interdependence of all.

The Three Pure Precepts

  1. Not knowing, thereby giving up fixed ideas about myself and the universe, I vow to cease from evil.
  2. Bearing witness to the joy and suffering of the world, I vow to practice good.
  3. Honoring wholeness in myself and others, I vow to save all beings.

The Ten Grave Precepts

  1. Recognizing I am not separate from all that is, I vow to take up the Way of Not Killing,
  2. Being satisfied with what I have, I vow to take up the Way of Not Stealing.
  3. Honoring mutuality and respecting commitment, I vow to take up the Way of Not Misusing Sex.
  4. Listening and speaking from the heart, I vow to take up the Way of Not Speaking Falsely.
  5. Cultivating a mind that sees clearly, I vow to take up the Way of Not Intoxicating Mind and Body.
  6. Unconditionally accepting what each moment has to offer, I vow to take up the Way of Not Finding Faults with Others.
  7. Meeting others on equal ground, I vow to take up the Way of Not Elevating Myself at the Expense of Others.
  8. Using all the ingredients of my life, I vow to take up the Way of Not Sparing the Dharma Assets.
  9. Transforming suffering into wisdom, I vow to take up the Way of Not Harboring Ill Will.
  10. Honoring my life as an instrument of the Great Way, I vow to take the Way of Not Defaming the Three Treasures.

We invite you to spend time with our Recommended Reading List. This document includes these categories: General reading about Zen, books of special interest to women, the socially engaged, koan collections, and books by or about Eihei Dogen (our 13th century Japanese ancestor) .

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