Become a Member or Zen Student

Become a member

If you feel a connection to Zen & the Arts, and wish to come on a regular basis, we welcome you to consider becoming a member. This is wonderful way to support us and deepen your own practice. Membership is $40 – 70 per month. This sliding scale is intended to make this option available to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. This includes all weekly offerings, as well as discounts on all events. We also offer a Family Membership (2 individuals) for $70 -130 per month.  To become a member, simply go to this link and click on the appropriate button.

Become a Zen student

This is for those wanting to make a deeper commitment to Zen practice. This might arise out of a connection to our methods of practice, our community, and our teachers.  Students will meet on a regular basis with Sensei Laurie. The same $40-70 per month scale applies.  To become a Zen student, please speak personally with Sensei Laurie.  The following guidelines apply:

*A minimum of 1 year of regular meditation practice.

*Committed meditation practice, a minimum of 30 minutes daily.

*Study of Dharma books of your choosing or suggested by the teacher.

*Regular participation in meetings and events at our center, including attendance of at least one retreat per year.

*Regular dokusan (private interviews) with Sensei Laurie.  At least once a week if possible.

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