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For ages, Zen Buddhist communities have been supported by dana, the generosity of their practitioners.  Dana is the first of the six paramitas (perfections) of Buddhism.  A paramita is a virtue that requires practice to cultivate.  We give openly to support the Dharma (teachings), but also to practice non-clinging.  Not only is this an important spiritual practice, it is impossible for the dharma to survive without your generosity.  Zen & the Arts is entirely supported by your donations.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible. On this page, there are many ways to give.  You can also use Venmo @LaurieLyonsZenArts.

  1. Suggested donation for a visit to the center is $10.
  2. Make a one time donation of any amount. This is where you can register for an event, or simply make a gift to support us.
  3. You can become a member, a wonderful way to deepen your commitment and support our vision. Suggested donation for membership is $40 – 70 per month. This sliding scale is intended to make membership available to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. Membership includes all weekly offerings, as well as discounts on special events and art. Membership also includes the option of becoming a Zen student, an opportunity available for those who have been practicing for a minimum of one year. (Speak to Sensei Laurie about becoming a Zen student.)
  4. We offer a family membership (2 individuals) for $70 – 130 per month.

Please know, that we will never turn anyone away due to financial circumstances. If our suggested donation amounts are not possible for you, please let us know. There are many ways you can practice generosity.

A visit to Zen & the Arts
One Time Donation
  • Give any amount: for an event or course, an adjusted membership rate, or to simply support us
Individual Membership
  • per month
Family Membership
70 – 130
  • per month
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